A Bail Bond Service Can Help You Get Out of Jail in Luzerne County

If you’re arrested in Luzerne County, you’ll be held in jail after your arraignment, unless you can come up with enough money to pay your bail. While the money will be returned to you once you appear at your trial, coming up with the money in the first place can pose a problem. Even in misdemeanor cases, the bail may be a significant amount and raising it can be a problem.

Consulting a Luzerne County bail bonds service can help you arrange bail. It will be necessary for a trusted family member or close friend to meet with the bail bondsman, since you will be in jail. By paying a fee, which is often just a small percentage of the total bail requested by the court, your loved one will be able to arrange for the payment of your bail. The bail bonds service acts as a lender, putting up the total bail necessary to secure your release, which they will get back after you appear in court.

Once the bail is returned, your transaction with the bail bondsman is considered complete. However, if you don’t appear in court for the scheduled start of your trial, the court keeps the bail. This means you owe the bail bondsman the full amount and the court will consider you a fugitive from justice. In this case, the bail bonds service will probably try to collect the money from your loved ones and, if you put up any real estate as collateral, your family may be evicted.

In most cases, people understand the consequences of skipping out while on bail, so they make sure to appear in court. This is a valuable service for those who can’t afford to pay the court the full bail amount. By using a bail bonds service, you can get released from jail until you must reappear in court. This provides an opportunity for you to hire a lawyer, prepare your defense, and make arrangements for your family. While you hope for an acquittal, making use of a bail bonds service in Luzerne County can help you make necessary arrangements just in case you are convicted.

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