Coping With The Aftermath Of A Car Accident

Portland, Oregon is home to more than its fair share of car accidents during the year. Sometimes the reason for the accident is an innocent one, and no one is at fault. Other times, there is a more sinister reason for the accident, one that could have been avoided if another person had not been negligent. These accidents are best handled by an accident attorney Portland Oregon service. The aftermath of a car accident is difficult enough for victims. It can be especially complicated when there was a grossly negligent driver who caused the accident.

The first most obvious and devastating impact of any car accident is the initial physical and emotional damage that it causes. The occurrence of just about any car accident is a moment of sheer terror. In cases where the other driver is negligent, there can also be a moment of sheer anger. After all, if a driver was using their cellphone when they hit you, it’s natural to be furious at this person for altering the course of your life in a negative way. They’ve literally destroyed someone’s life for something as petty as a picture on a cellphone. It’s natural to be angry, depressed, and terrified at what has just happened.

The practical consequences of the accident soon become apparent. Medical bills pile up. Lost wages may begin to mount. Sometimes the victim will lose their job, face enormous amounts of pain each day, and spiral downhill as they try to find some relief from the aftermath of the accident. This is the moment where people usually turn to a lawyer and ask, “What can I do?” The lawyer will be able to provide some insight into the legal possibilities. They can calculate your medical bills, lost wages, analyze your pain and suffering, and perhaps give you an amount of compensation you might win if you sue the negligent driver.

In the end, many victims of car accidents make just this decision. They realize that the negligent driver has damaged their life in a way that is so severe, they have no choice but to turn to courts to sort through the damage. Insurance companies often offer a pitiful and insulting amount of compensation to make the matter go away. Don’t settle for it. If you’ve been in a car accident, your best bet is always to contact an attorney.

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