Driving Under the Influence

Those faced with a DUI—Driving Under the Influence— in Alameda County need to seek an alameda county dui lawyer. A DUI is a serious matter. It is recommended to request a hearing within 10 days of the DUI; otherwise, the process of a license suspension will begin. California is a “zero tolerance” state, which means that having a blood alcohol content over .01 percent is considered DUI.

As a result of a DUI, a person may experience: community service, jail, treatment, education, electronic monitoring, fines and other issues. Depending upon whether a person is charged with their first DUI, second or third, increasingly severe penalties may occur. Speaking to a knowledgeable attorney promptly is a must to discuss options and to be made fully aware of what is at stake.

A DUI can make getting to work hard to do because due to a license suspension or other issues which may cause a delay in going to work. A DUI can have long-lasting effects. Simply because one has gotten a DUI does not mean that resources and choices are not available. Those convicted of a DUI have constitutional rights and speaking to a knowledgeable attorney can help to put fears at ease.

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