Driving without Insurance Offence: Fines and Consequences

Driver’s insurance covers medical bills, as well as loss of income related to the recovery from injuries that were obtained in the automobile accident. Such automobile insurance is compulsory for all drivers in all Canadian provinces. Every driver must have an insurance card while driving the vehicle (no matter whether this vehicle is his own or borrowed). If a person get caught driving with no insurance, the officials will charge him or her appropriately. No matter in what province of Canada you live, the officials will not take driving with no insurance lightly. It is considered as a serious offence in Burlington, Ontario and in other Canadian cities and provinces.

Fine for Driving with No Insurance

If the driver was caught driving without insurance, he will not get any demerit points. However, for example, in Burlington, Ontario, he or she will have to pay a mandatory fee of $5,000 (minimum, plus 25 percent victim fine surcharge). What is more, the offender will have to face driver’s license suspension of 30 days minimum to a maximum of a year. Furthermore, driver’s vehicle will be impounded by the officials. In the future, in case the driver is convicted of the same offence, he or she will have to pay doubled mandatory fine. Driving with no insurance in Burlington carries one of the highest minimum mandatory fines under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act of Ontario province.

Insurance Related Offences and their Consequences

According to Canadian law, there are 2 offences related to insurance namely driving with no insurance card and driving with no insurance. The first case (driving with no insurance card) is considered to be less serious offence in comparison with driving without insurance. Although, driving with no insurance card does show up as a conviction on a driving record of a person, this offence does not lead to demerit points.

In case the driver was charged with driving without insurance, there is a strong likelihood that the insurance companies of Ontario will label this person as a high risk driver. This in turn will lead to the increase of monthly insurance fees. What is more, insurance companies can refuse to sell insurance to high risk driver. Driving without insurance is a serious offence that may lead to a number of consequences. In case the driver gets into a car accident while driving an uninsured car, the driver may not receive compensation for income loss. What is more the person may not be able to sue the at-fault driver for compensation for injuries that were obtained in the result of the accident.

The situation gets even more complicated in case the person, convicted in driving with no insurance, is the at-fault driver in the car accident. In this case the offender may be held personally responsible for covering all the medical bills and damages that was caused to the victim.

Fighting No Insurance Ticket

In case you were charged with no insurance ticket in Canada, you may be asking yourself “Is it possible to reduce no insurance ticket?”. The answer to your question is “Yes”, it is absolutely possible to cut your charge by thousand of dollars. Everything you should do is to find a professional paralegal firm that has an extensive experience of dealing with no insurance driving charges in your province. In case you hire a professional you have a great chance to get your ticket reduced.

Amber Sparks, paralegal expert describes consequences of driving with no insurance in Burlington, Ontario and helps readers to find effective way to beat a no insurance ticket.

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