Essentials of a Good Export Control System

Any country with the aim of implementing a successful export control system must show commitment to broad national issues. It must also try to adhere to the norms of international nonproliferation by making the political choice. The country must then establish a legal authority that will be in charge of controlling defense related issues. The authority will also be in charge of controlling dual- use goods and technologies.

There several principals that all such authorities must adhere to, they include comprehensive controls; implementing directives; international cooperation; interagency coordination; enforcement of penalties and power and lastly protection against government dissemination of important business information.

The above named principals must be strictly followed if the authority is to implement its mandate effectively. A country must also implement export control laws and policies by implementing regulatory procedures. These procedures should clearly outline the powers of the authority and provide a list of controlling items. These controlling items may be laws or policies that must adhere to the policies of multilateral regime list. The items must also be easy to understand and clear. The county must provide easy access to the public and exporters.

The appointed authority should also review request of export licenses thoroughly to ensure that no hiccups are experience and no policies are ignored. The last thing that the country should do is ensure that proper enforcement measures are developed in the system. It should include screening the proposed items, the quantities and the end use of the parties involved in the transaction and working with other close industries to educate them on how to control their export activities.

The authority should also be given the powers that will enable it to control and curb illegal exports.  This is necessary if the county is to have an effective export control system.

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