Feeling the Damage Done by Zofran

When I heard there was a Zofran recall. I was scared, because I had been taking the medication throughout the entirety of my pregnancy. I was fearful for the health of my unborn baby. When my baby was born, he had a cleft palate. As a new mother, it was something that I wouldn’t have hoped for, and it scared me to see. I know that cleft palate can be easily fixed with a surgery, but it still put me in a state of shock and terror. The Zofran was responsible for the cleft palate, and I set out to prove it by hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against the makers of the medication.

I contacted every lawyer I could get my hands on for the lawsuit. I also looked for more claims from people who had been using Zofran and experienced problems during their pregnancy. I was shocked to find out how many people had similar problem with their pregnancy, and some had even worse problems. As bad as cleft palate was, I was lucky that my baby only had that. One woman had a child who was born with heart problems and barely survived.

As my case and other like it became more common, they began to get a lot of attention from the media. Every news station and newspaper ran a story on the dangers of Zofran and the pain and suffering that it caused. Every parent that was affected by the drug had their day in court, and the judges sided with every one of them. The company that makes Zofran was hit with a massive fine, which would go to the parents, but that money would only do so much. It could never take away the pain that so many have experienced, especially for those that have lost their children.

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