Ken Von Kohorn – vision of the American society

The American dream of prosperity and well-being has attracted many people all around the world to search for a better life in a sort of Promised Land. This seemed to be quite unrealistic as many people have seen a value based society collapsing around what seemed to be doubtful practices. Now the people who think about going to United States normally think twice considering the moral decay and the permanent presence of violence in this society. Some people prefer a rather traditional approach to life in which the family is a respected institution which has all the necessary qualities to support and nurture its component individuals.

The whole problem seems to be that society lacks the moral values it was built on. Ken Von Kohorn is one of the board members of the Family Institute of Connecticut, which fights for the restoration of these values and for more rights for normal families. He wants for the citizens and the government to encourage the role of the family in society and to have all the right moral principles present in everyday life. They urge people to turn back to issues like the Declaration of Independence and also the U.S. constitution which needs to be re-installed as good norms of life in society. This is why Ken Von Kohorn is involved in all sorts of activities willing to make the American society the next dream of ethics and morality.

The entire culture needs a fresh vision which includes a moral renewal from all the sides. Ken Von Kohornsupports the idea of a traditional family in which one can enter by marriage, birth or adoption and in which parents, mother and father, have an important role in taking care of the children. The community is that place where there is understanding between races and a real compassion towards the family in need or the single-parent once. Also the society is bound to help families and communities to fulfill any needs of its members with the help and support of the government. As a culture, the society has to guarantee that life is seen as something sacred and that every person is viewed with the dignity it deserves. By all means, the government is the one who imposes good policies and helpful laws and links the whole vision of a happy family and the moral courage to do the right things with a compassion for the fellow citizens.

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