My Brother Did Not Want to Sue, but He Had to

I never had the disrespect that some people live out on a daily basis. I know people who think they own the world. They think that people should bow and cater to them in everyday things of life. I have seen people get rude while standing in a que waiting for the customers in front of them. I have seen people get angry behind the wheel too. That is the reason my brother cannot walk right now. An angry driver hit him. We saw an ad that said “Personal injury solicitors in Dublin Call 015240606 now for consultation.” We did not want to ruin another person’s life, and neither did my brother. However, what is a person or family supposed to do when the anger of another person causes serious harm? The other driver was angry my brother pulled out in front of him accidentally. No one was hit, but the driver ended up forcing my brother off of the road a couple of kilometers after the incident.

The impact messed him up. He has had surgeries and spent a good deal of time in the hospital. The doctors are not sure how well he will walk again, but they are confident that he will. Who will pay his obligations? The insurance company is already giving him a hard time about needed therapies. Sometimes you just need to get a good attorney and go after what you need to survive. My brother had good insurance. Or so we thought. They are really clinging tight to the purse strings. The man that hit him did not have insurance, and not much of anything else for that matter. He is in jail, but that is not helping my brother get well. I suppose he will just have to sue his own insurance company to get the funds he needs for long term care and recovery.

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