Protecting Your Rights After Unforeseen Events

You never leave the house expecting to be in an accident that day. You expect everything to go as normal whenever you travel to work or run errands. An accident will catch you off-guard and leave you wondering how to rebuild your life.

Rather than pay for medical expenses out of your own pocket or deal with losing important income, you could pursue your rightful compensation in court. By retaining the services of a law firm, paralegal, or pedestrian accident lawyer San Jose CA residents like you can go after compensation you are legally entitled to while rebuilding your life at the same time.
Compensation and Suffering

Under the state law, the person or party that caused your accident is legally responsible for paying your accident-related costs. You did not ask to be hit by a car, after all, which is why you are not held liable to cover your own costs. The insurer of the driver or property owner will be expected to pay for those expenses.

However, the driver or owner may be reluctant to do so and even say that the accident was your fault. You then bear the burden of proving that you were innocent of the event and that you did not purposely seek to get hurt.

Making this argument can be emotionally difficult and physically impossible depending on your injuries. Your attorney can take over and argue in court that you are the true victim in all of this. The judge can then render a decision and force the responsible party to compensate you accordingly.

You also may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. If you have lost your job or become severely disabled, you may suffer emotionally as well as physically. You may be entitled to cash to help ease your burden and let you rebuild some semblance of a normal life.
An attorney can be a valuable asset after an accident. You can seek compensation in court and ease your suffering by retaining the services of a skilled lawyer after being hit by a car.

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