Raising Needed Cash to Get Out of Jail

Being placed under arrest can begin a process that is overwhelming and expensive. After you are booked into jail, you have to wait for your arraignment hearing. During that hearing, you then have to wait to see if the judge will grant you bail or bond.

Even after the judge grants a bail or bond amount for you, you still face the dilemma of how to raise the cash as quickly as possible. By partnering with a bank loan officer, payday loan clerk, or bondsman callaway county mo defendants like you could get the money quickly and be freed from jail in a matter of hours or days.

Determining the Type of Bond You Need

Before you apply for the money, you need to determine what type of bond you need. The bond type will generally be based on the type of crime with which you have been charged. It will come with stipulations that you must abide by during the time you are out on bond.

For example, if you are being extradited back to a certain city or state, you may need to apply for an extradition bond. This bond will allow you to go free during the time that you await your court date. However, it will come with the requirement that you go back to the city or state where you are to face trial or be sentenced. You cannot remain in your current location or leave to go to another city or state without telling your bond agent.

Likewise, you may need a cash bond in order to be freed from jail. A cash bond is often used when the defendant is a flight risk and could possibly leave town. You will need to put up some type of collateral like your paycheck or a car that does not have a lien on it. This collateral will ensure you do not skip out on bond and also will make the payments to the bail bond agent.

You can find out more about bail bonds types on the website. You can also submit an application online today.

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