The Emotional Impact Of Criminal Charges

In the United States, there’s almost always a very erroneous perception that everyone charged with a crime is in fact guilty of the crime they’re accused of. The sad reality is that a good number of innocent people are charged with serious crimes each year even though they are truly innocent. The legal system is expansive and complicated. Few people accused of a crime know the exact details of the crime they’re accused of, its possible penalties, and the consequences of failing to retain a lawyer. If you don’t obtain a lawyer during a criminal defense trial, you are fighting an uphill battle against a legal system that is designed to convict everyone that faces it. Criminal defense attorneys of Michigan are there to serve as a strong buffer against unfair or inflated charges.

Knowing your rights

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you have the right to speak with a lawyer immediately. Even if you’re being pulled over for a crime and questioned by the police, you have the right to request representation before or after arrest. This is a strong right in this country but so many people don’t exercise it. If you fail to call an attorney and instead speak to authorities, those things can be entered into evidence at a later date.

Obtaining a lawyer

If you’re accused of a crime, the sooner you call a lawyer the better. Many lawyers will represent you for free in the correct circumstances or let you pay on a payment plan. Other lawyers must be paid but they are almost always on the job the moment they are hired, there to stand in-between you and possible prison time. Felonies especially should never be treated lightly. If you are convicted of a felony, you are facing stiff fines, prison time, and a crippled criminal record for life. Getting a felony taken off your record takes years sometimes. Don’t let one go on there if there’s a lawyer out there that can get your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

In any criminal case, there’s hope. If you are guilty, you can get the best possible sentence. If you aren’t, you can walk free. A good lawyer helps to give you emotional rest during your pre-trial and trial. They worry about the legal matters and let you emotionally deal with the battle you face.

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