The Role of a Conveyancer When Buying a Property

Are you looking forward to buying a home, and don’t know where to start and what should be done? Then you can hire a conveyancer to ease your property acquisition process.

Understanding the Terms

  • ‘Conveyancing’ is a process, wherein the property title is transferred from the selling party to the buyer. A conveyancer is in charge of all the whole processes starting from finding a buyer or seller to the signing of the deal.
  • A ‘conveyancer’ provides you with the title of a property, meaning you have legal right over the land or building that you pay for.
  • ‘Land registration’ system helps in making sure that the title you have holds legal status. Records are kept by the government that helps your conveyancer understand the legal status of the property you are interested in.
  • ‘Missives’ are the contracts exchanged in form of letters among conveyancers so as to indicate the legal transfer of ownership from one client to another.

Tasks Involved

The role of the conveyance does not end till you have the keys of your property in your hand. There are three levels of tasks-

  • Before the contract
  • During the deal
  • After the agreement

 Some of the major tasks include:

  • Preparing legal documents.
  • Executing the client’s demands.
  • Undertake the necessary pre-contract enquiries.
  • Calculating the exact cost of the property that the client is about to incur.
  • Detailed verification of all facets of the deal.
  • Lodging of documents involved in the purchase.

 Why hire a Conveyancer?

The client being at ease is the primary motive of conveyancing.

  • It is the responsibility of a conveyance to explain exactly how and why the processes being undertaken are important.
  • The conveyancer always works to fulfill the requirements of the client.
  • They are here to serve in your best interests and protect you from legal complications.

The Contractual Know How

When you opt for conveyancing online services, all the legal and paralegal processes are handled by the conveyancer.

  • Your conveyancer will draft a contract that will be handed to the seller, so as to finalize the deal.
  • The deal is not done till you exchange the signed contracts. Therefore, you are not liable to any legal repercussion before the deal is sealed.
  • Missives are exchanged between the seller’s and buyer’s conveyancer so as to seal the contract.
  • On an average, it takes about 10 to 12 weeks for the process to be completed. However, in some cases, it may take longer or lesser time.
  • If you are not satisfied with how the deal looks, you can always back out at any point of time before the exchange of contracts.
  • In case there are many buyers looking to invest in the same property, then the seller sets a date. By this date, those interested can contact the seller for the bidding process.

Hire a conveyancer, so as to buy or sell a property with ease. You sure do not want a headache or a mess while investing or selling the most valuable asset that you own.

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Nady has written several posts on property searches, buying and selling. To have a complete idea about how much you need to spend on closing any property deal and for hiring conveyancing online services, you could visit their website.

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